Does Cavity Wall Insulation Really Work

Does cavity wall insulation really work? Yes every time,of course I would say that., but I can can stand over the bead once a couple of conditions are met.

1.The cavity is clean from mortar dropings.

2.That there is a minimum of 40mm cavity to fill,this is required so that we get enough of the                product in to the wall to give you a genuine difference in heat retention of the building.

3. If retro fitting a existing property with cavity wall insulation,that the insulation board fitted at construction time was installed correctly.Three ways to confirm this,

Get a Borascope test. This is were a drill hole is made in the wall in a few places to see how the insulation was fitted originally and the condition of the wall..

When the wall is drilled ,the installer will know from experience ,how well the board was fitted by the amount of particles on the tip of the drill bit..

Thirdly and probably the most important one, when pumping the wall with the bonded bead,the installer will know how much bead is required for that section of the wall by the length of time the gun keeps filling. It works on back pressure ,the longer it keeps filling the better. If it turns off sooner than expected ,a check will be made with extra drill holes off the normal drill pattern and pumped. If the gun turns off within twenty seconds the wall is full.

The bead travels through the cavity wall with ease,because of the pressure its been pumped in at,the product itself is only three or four millimeters in diameter and the closeness of the drilling pattern which ensure a complete fill. Energystore Graphite 27 is an excellent insulation to cover all wall cavities as the photo and video show.

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