Sprayfoam Insulation

Synthesia Spray foam is a European manufacturer of high-quality, water-blown spray foam. The product is used in a multitude of areas from heat pumps under the ground, barns, cavity walls in a new build, to a retrofit project for attics and crawl spaces in a dormer house.

Closed Cell

Owners of steel storage containers constantly have a condensation issue in the winter months that can destroy valuable equipment and cars. The solution is to use a particular foam called closed-cell. It completely reduces condensation on the surface of the container and increases the ambient temperature, which makes it a more usable space. Closed-cell foam is also used on shed roofs, solving the same issue of condensation. A house that is pre-1960 more than likely does not have any type of felt on the roof. This causes different types of issues from water ingress to heat loss. The closed-cell foam is a perfect solution for these problems. Firstly when applied it stops any more water penetration through the roof tiles or slates, secondly, it stiffens up the roof structure, making it more secure and stable. It’s a one-time application that will last many decades.

Open Cell

Open Cell spray foam is pacifically used for roof spaces. Sloped roofs in a new build dormer, crawl spaces in an existing house are the two main areas of application. Occasionally the floor area between floors is addressed to reduce heat loss and reduce sound transmission.

It is a very efficient product that eliminates heat loss on the sloped roof, which makes the upstairs bedrooms warm and cosy all year, with no gales sweeping through the building, making it impossible to retain heat, and quite uncomfortable to live in. Not spraying creates a furnace in the summer and a fridge in the winter. Homeowners end up not utilising the space to its full potential because of these issues.


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