Christmas Hack: Keeping Warm Over The Holiday Season

It’s Christmas time and the day is fast approaching to get together with our families and celebrate.

Much excitement is gathering inside of people’s hearts. Christmas produces much heartfelt and warm feelings. However, the same can’t be said for the temperatures outside which effects how cold it’s going to be inside our homes.

Turning up the heat inside is essential. Gar Insulation have compiled these tips on keeping warm over the holiday season so you get the maximum amount of enjoyment because nobody enjoys being cold.

1 . Close The Curtains

Be mindful of your curtains in terms of retaining heat. Curtains can actually be an effective way of boosting home insulation. During the day your curtains will be open but draw them closed in the evenings and overnight.

For the holiday season keep those curtains closed and make sure they are not hanging over your radiators over the course of the day when your heating is on. In this way you will keep the heat in and be warmer.

2 . Keep The Oven Door Open

For that extra bit of home insulation keep the oven door open after cooking for some time to heat up that kitchen. In summer it’s the opposite with ensuring the windows are open after cooking so it isn’t too warm but winter and Christmas is a different story.

Why not make the most of the extra natural heat produced by your cooker? After all, you paid for it. Make the most of the cooker for tasty meals and extra warmth.

3 . Change Your Bedsheets

A simple yet useful tip which is quite often overlooked is changing your bedsheets and duvets to retain heat and warm you up on those cold nights to ensure you are snug as a bug.

Known for its softness and affordable price, flannel bedding is a go to for the holiday season. You might even consider it a practical Christmas present for your loved ones.

4 . Time Your Central Heating

Set the central heating to be switched on a half an hour before you get up in the mornings. For the typical central heating system to fully heat up your home this is the amount of time it takes.

Apply the same tip to a half an hour before you come home from work. By timing your central heating you will be warm straight away after coming in from the cold instead of waiting.

5 . Invest In A Portable Heater

For quick bursts of heat when you need them most why not invest in a portable heater? Leaving them on for a few minutes can give a considerable boost to the temperature if you are in a particularly cold part of the house and want to heat a single room up.

Just don’t forget to switch them off or else you’ll end up with an unpleasant surprise on your electricity bill!

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