Phonestar Acoustic Soundproofing

Phonestar Acoustic soundproofing is a excellent system to reduce airborne noise from travelling through most structures.Soundproofing is definitely a tricky task and an art to solve. With every building constructed differently and so many variables in each property, it is difficult task to achieve.However with the correct knowledge, expertise and effective product,a solution is achievable. Airborne noise will travel into a building from many directions,through the wall ,the floor the ceiling etc.

Its imperative that a detailed assessment is carried out with all avenues examined before a solution is offered.The Phonestar Acoustic Soundproofing system has been instrumental in making real reductions in airborne noise penetrations through walls ,ceilings and floors With the expertise behind the manufacturing process,that is constantly been updated and refined to increase the Decibel reduction that gives comfort in your office or home.

The first photo shows timber battens,with mineral wool inserted between the studs. Resilient bars which decouple the transfer of noise from the offending wall and the Phonestar boards.

After the above installation is completed, a sound plaster board is fitted on top of the system to aid in the acoustic reduction of the airborne noise.

Plastered and ready for painting or wallpapering,the complete job. The above Phonestar Acoustic Soundproofing system will give a reduction of 57dB Rw approximately in airborne sound insulation .By adding a second layer of the Phonestar board an extra 3dB in improvement is achievable.

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