Our Carbon Emission Struggle


Our Carbon Emission Struggle was highlighted with last weeks bleak report from the Climate Advisory Council on the failings of the state to tackle the country’s poor results in challenging and changing our daily habits both domestically and commercially on reducing carbon emissions.

Our responsibility’s under the Kyoto agreement leaves us second last of the countries listed. Changes across the board from fossil fuel burning,increased transport infrastructure,not just in the cities,more environmentally friendly alternative fuel used for transport from water,hydrogen,electricity all will make a difference in reducing our carbon emissions.

A new way of thinking is required to change old habits ,not just by taxing the old reliables,like coal and oil. There must be genuine options that replace these fuels without crippling the public with higher energy cost’s year on year.

Grants are available for insulation through the Better Energy Homes Scheme for cavity walls,Attic and external Insulation. https://www.seai.ie/grants/home-grants/better-energy-homes/insulation-grants/

The Climate Advisory council has stated that each home would have to spend anything from €30,000 to €50,000 euro to bring each property up to date in relation to their emissions. This is no easy task and here lies the problem. Some inspirational thinking from the state has to happen first before any householder even begins to start thinking about such a large investment.

New tax incentives must begin quickly for the 1.5 million mostly private home owners, who have not come on board a make a serious move to Pump their cavity walls, insulate their attic, dryline internal walls or wrap their walls externally through the Better Energy Home Scheme .https://www.seai.ie/grants/home-grants. Gar Insulation is registered under this scheme.

Insulating your house works every time,with a good pay back time,which creates a comfortable home ,reduced energy bills for the foreseeable future. A Healthier live style for the occupiers and a reduced health care bill for the state,unlike previous generations were some had to live in damp and poor conditions,our carbon emission struggle will reduce with vision for the future.

If real changes are not made soon,the state will fined up to 600 million PER Year. This a a huge sum for any country to be fined ,action is needed immediately.

Gar Insulation identity number under the scheme is 10012


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