Insulation Grants With Better Energy Homes Scheme

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s (SEAI) Better Energy Homes Scheme can save you a substantial amount of money for your home insulation with insulation grants.

You could be applicable for up to €6,000, how does that sound?

According to Citizens Information:

“The Better Energy Homes scheme provides grants to homeowners to improve energy efficiency in their homes. Landlords and owners of more than one property can also apply for a grant under the scheme. If you have previously availed of a grant under the scheme you can reapply to get additional work done.”

What type of services can you avail of under the scheme?

In order to avail of the Better Energy Homes Scheme one must make certain energy efficient upgrades to their home. The following energy efficient upgrades are applicable for a grant under the scheme:

  • Attic Insulation
  • Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Heating controls upgrade
  • Solar Heating
  • Heat pump systems
  • A Building Energy Rating (BER) is carried out after energy saving upgrades

What are the grant values available?

You could be applicable for up to €6,000 under the Better Energy Homes Scheme for external wall insulation if you are the owner of a detached house.

You could also be applicable for up to a €400 grant for the standard attic or cavity wall insulations.


Who Can Apply?

Home owners who fall under the following criteria can apply for the Better Energy Homes Scheme.

  • Homeowners or landlords whose homes were built before 2006 are applicable for the Better Energy Homes Scheme
  • If you are the owner of a home built and occupied before 2006 who is receiving social welfare payments you could be eligible for free energy efficient improvements
  • You must use an SEAI registered contractor to install energy efficient upgrades
  • After the services are done a BER must be carried out

The Steps Involved

Four steps exist in the overall Better Energy Homes Scheme process.

The four steps are:

  1. The application stage
  2. The survey stage
  3. The delivery stage
  4. The post-work(s) stage

The first two stages deem if you and your home are applicable for the Better Energy Homes Scheme. In order to reach the delivery stage you must be an eligible applicant.

The post-works(s) stage must involve a BER, this is essentially an evaluation by the SEAI. Varying from project to project, the average time the process takes is between 6-9 months from when the application was submitted.

How to Apply

To apply online you can visit the following link and you will receive a response immediately after your submission.

You can also send your application by post to Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, P.O. Box 119, Caherciveen, Kerry. Applicants who applied by post can expect to receive a response within five working days.

Homes Completed Since The Scheme’s Launch

Between March 2009, when the Better Energy Homes Scheme first began, to June 2018 there has been a total of 219,988 grant applications for homes throughout Ireland completed. This figure in terms of money equates to €225,433,626.

In Dublin, 45,083 homes were completed, the county with the largest amount of services done. You could be the next person added to that list by applying today if you meet the criteria.

SEAI Registered Installers

Gar Insulation are registered installers with SEAI in the Better Energy Homes Scheme. Gar Insulation will give you a very competitive price and we promise you that you will be wrapped up nice and warm through this winter and winter’s to come.

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